Urbanist and Community Organizer Saunatina Sanchez Launches Campaign for Seattle City Council, Position 8

March 22, 2024
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SEATTLE, WA – Grassroots community organizer and urbanist, Saunatina Sanchez is launching her run for Seattle City Council, Position 8 today. Two other candidates have filed for this position, Alexis Mercdes Rinck and sitting Councilmember Tanya Woo. 

Saunatina was born at the University of Washington Medical Center, and grew up in the Holly Park (now New Holly), Columbia City, and First Hill neighborhoods of Seattle. She went to primary schools all over Seattle, starting at Columbia Elementary, then bussing to John Hay and John Rogers.

“I love this city. I know how great this city can be for everyone! I feel the urge to make this a truly livable place where we interact as a community,” said Saunatina. “I’m running to connect communities through dedication to the details and a holistic approach to policies that will make government work for the residents of Seattle.”

Since studying at Seattle University and Seattle Central Community College, Saunatina has been a dedicated community organizer, working within and alongside many local organizations from the boardroom to the street. Some of these organizations include Community Roots Housing, Capitol Hill Neighborhood Design Guidelines Update (2017), Disability Rights WA, Seattle Renter Organizing Council, League of Women Voters, Seattle International Film Festival, and Crafting Sound Meaning, King County Elections where she works and is a proud member of Teamsters Local 117.

Saunatina is a founding member and chaired  the Bus and Transit Services (BATS) committee of the Transit Riders Union, where she served as Treasurer. A former avid biker turned transit rider, Sanchez cares about where people need to go, so the next logical step is to consider all the ways we can get there, “Convenient, effective public transit is the lifeblood of a modern city. Not only does it cut down on car emissions and make our cities more climate-friendly, it also binds our neighborhoods together and provides access to opportunities for those without access to cars.” 

Through the work of navigating government across many jurisdictions, and possessing the lived experience of many of those struggling in Seattle, Saunatina has a deep understanding of the needs of at-risk communities. Sanchez seeks to continue focusing on housing and homelessness, public safety, effective and participatory budgeting with progressive funding, parks, third places, and public spaces, standing in solidarity with workers, and achieving a world-class multimodal transportation system that leaves no one behind when elected.

“In my family, we value making sure everyone is heard and that no one is allowed to shout down anyone else.” Saunatina pledges to bring the values of listening and genuine engagement to everyone she interacts with on the Seattle City Council. In doing that, she will work closely with those who struggle to navigate the bureaucracy of our institutions with an eye to constituent services. 

“I have no ego toward the future. I’m dedicated to the details, and I look forward to working collaboratively to implement a shared city plan that has the best outcomes for the most people.”

Contact: Matthew R. Lang | 425.499.3476


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