Parks, Third Spaces, Public Spaces

Jen Pack

Third spaces are the core of our communities and city. They attract tourists, contribute to a revitalized downtown that doesn’t require a mandate to return to the office, and beautify the city to make it somewhere people want to live. Neglecting our public spaces tangibly damages our communities, culture, and environment. We need to change this.


  • Work with communities and neighborhoods to create central, walkable spaces in the core of every neighborhood. This works in conjunction with rezoning to allow for small businesses and restaurants to open up near these spaces. Combined with light rail stations, these would be spaces interconnected across the city and available to all to enjoy.
  • Protect our existing greenspace and expand where possible to maintain Seattle’s character as a green city. Communal green spaces allow everyone to celebrate, exercise, picnic, and enjoy the outdoors we love. They’re good for both us and the environment. 
  • Keep these spaces safe and accessible for youth and families to participate in the culture of the city and their communities. Sanitation services and public safety plans must be in place, as well as transit networks so that these places remain accessible to those without cars.
  • Invest in community centers, sports fields, and libraries as third spaces where people can gather and be constructive in multiple ways according to desires and needs. 
  • Support Seattle’s arts community by promoting local artists in community spaces. This works twofold: It bolsters the local arts community and promotes cultural events to represent and highlight the diverse communities in Seattle.