Seattle Democracy Vouchers

Thanks for visiting my Democracy Voucher page! We are blessed to have a publicly funded elections mechanism which seeks to provide access to electoral politics for everyday people like myself. Every Seattle voter gets $50 in Democracy Vouchers for the 2024 election. I hope I can earn yours.

I signed the Democracy Voucher Pledge, and am working hard to get qualified for the program. We need 400 $10 donations and 400 signatures to qualify, all from Seattle voters. Will you help me reach this goal?

Every $10 donation helps us reach our goal of reaching 400 Seattle Residents. That’s how many we need to get to qualify for the Democracy Voucher Program. A meaningful donation of any size is welcome.

To give your democracy vouchers to Saunatina, click the button below, sign one or both of your vouchers and fill out the information at the bottom of the page. The campaign will handle the rest. Thank you for your support!

Assign Your Vouchers to Saunatina
Show your support for Saunatina’s campaign by signing your name to the cause! We need your help to reach 400 signatures to qualify for Seattle’s Democracy Voucher Program.
Download Saunatina's Voucher